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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2219 grass explain
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“Then… sir… why not consider you leave primary and I’ll take care of everything else…” A lecherous grin spread out along the Straight Lines elite’s facial area when he appraised Ye Wanwan.
“This ring represents misfortune… Return it in my experience!” Ye Wanwan shouted.
“I detest guys who a.s.sault women of all ages the most within my life.”
“Heh, thats a pity. I’ve destroyed that ring actually.” Ye Wanwan snorted.
Ye Wanwan considered this dark-robed person had never witnessed the true object.
“It must be,” the dark colored-robed mankind responded.
“The engagement ring, naturally,” the Straight Brand high level addressed. “It’s precisely what the sir would like. President Fearless, you shouldn’t withstand futilely.”
“President Bai, I’m revealing to you—be additional realistic and hand over the item,” the Strong Series exclusive shouted coldly.
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“President Bai, I’m sharing with you—be more reasonable and give the item,” the Strong Series elite shouted coldly.
Just before the Strong Range top level recognized what actually transpired, the black colored-robed gentleman choked him through the throat plus a “kachak” was been told many a few moments later as his neck area was snapped cracked.
“It should be,” the black colored-robed gentleman replied.
Ye Wanwan frowned sincerely.
“Then… sir… how about you depart very first and I’ll take care of anything else…” A lecherous grin spread across the Steer Brand elite’s face while he appraised Ye Wanwan.
“I detest men who a.s.sault women probably the most around my existence.”
President Fearless seriously had astonishing looks…
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The dark-colored-robed male carefully examined the band.
Before the Direct Series professional discovered what happened, the black color-robed guy choked him through the the neck and throat and also a “kachak” was noticed many mere seconds later as his neck was snapped ruined.
“President Bai, I’m revealing to you—be much more sensible and give the piece,” the Steer Lines elite shouted coldly.
“What thing?” Ye Wanwan was apathetic.
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Ahead of Ye Wanwan could answer back, the Straight Collection elite linked Ye Wanwan up and moved her to the Fearless Alliance’s prison. In terms of 3 rd Elder and Big Dipper, they had been certain and secured in the workplace.
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Prior to when the Straight Range professional recognized what went down, the black-robed male choked him with the neck in addition to a “kachak” was heard various mere seconds later as his the neck and throat was snapped broken.
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“This engagement ring represents misfortune… Send it back with me!” Ye Wanwan shouted.
Having no other choice, she opened her fist.
Ye Wanwan considered this dark-colored-robed mankind experienced never witnessed the legitimate object.
Into the prison, the Straight Series exclusive tied Ye Wanwan to the wall structure and sneered. “President Bai, you’re the first to produce sir take action personally.”
“Heh, thats a pity. I’ve damaged that diamond ring already.” Ye Wanwan snorted.
Prior to when the Primary Lines exclusive could proceed, the dark-colored-robed male endured up and went toward Ye Wanwan, his gaze quickly attaining on Ye Wanwan’s fiercely clenched fist.
Since Ye Wanwan discovered this engagement ring depicted supreme electrical power inside the Increased of Passing away, she got secret it and started donning this artificial, the leading function staying to mislead persons.
“The engagement ring, certainly,” the Straight Range top level responded to. “It’s just what the sir prefers. Leader Fearless, you shouldn’t avoid futilely.”
Ye Wanwan’s mouth curled up. “What? Does your heart and soul injured?”
“Heart injure?” The dark-colored-robed man shook his top of your head. “She was merely among my pet dogs. If she passes away, she passes away.”
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Once the black color-robed gentleman discovered the engagement ring in Ye Wanwan’s hands, he cautiously chosen it, showing to greatly importance this ring.

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