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Chapter 73 Wind Blade decay team
“200,000 golden coins?! The reason why it so pricey? It’s only a Mortal-rate procedure!” Yu Rou exclaimed.
Cultivation Online
“I will! Many thanks!”
“What’s the issue? You don’t search so great.”
“Well… Nevertheless, there may not be many techniques which they can use using a lover, I had managed to identify a competency that may be practical.”
“The Demon Securing Technique, huh? That’s one of several rarest and a lot more potent tactics anybody can discover in this retail store, and it’s just a Heaven-grade strategy, so it’ll be rather really expensive.”
“I see… Then let’s pay for our methods and leave this put.”
“Xiao Hua doesn’t require any new strategies,” she shook her top of your head.
Yu Rou revealed him the scroll she experienced in her own hand.
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“That way, when I have my own personal servant, I’ll be capable to assist it from your distance without being inside the possible danger area,” Yu Rou believed to him.
“Yes— he was quoted saying it absolutely was a smallish expression to take up my time.” Yuan nodded.
“You what?!” Xiao Hua exclaimed.
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“I see… Then let’s pay money for our techniques and then leave this area.”
“Was he the individual that gifted you the See through Dew of Flawlessness?”
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‘300 million gold coins… it’s impossible… I cannot buy this…’ Yuan shown to him self.
“J-Just who have Buddy Yuan meet…?” Xiao Hua required him.
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‘I’m sorry, Yu Rou… Although it was by accident and it’s just activity, your brother has fully committed a crime which is now a criminal…’ he sighed inwardly.
“There’s one thing various about you…” she reported.
“J-Just who does Buddy Yuan meet…?” Xiao Hua inquired him.
“What am I failing to remember?” He heightened an eyebrow.
“There’s a little something diverse about you…” she explained.
“Are you confident you’re okay…?” The guards required him once again, while they were actually confident that something was bothering him.
“I don’t determine what to determine you, youthful woman. Martial Methods such as this Force of the wind Blade are extremely uncommon and highly effective in most cases truly worth this a lot, and it’s a method from the next ground. The truth is, our Number of Procedures is incredibly economical and low cost when compared with most shops available using our costs. When you traveled to another retailer, they would probably cost all over 300,000 golden coins for this process. Nevertheless, if you prefer a little something inexpensive, there are many approaches that cost less than one thousand golden coins on the first flooring by incorporating pricing even less than 100 gold coins.”
“Even if it’s absolutely free, you must make sure to try it out in the party.” The guards then warned him.
“Sibling! You’re lower back!” Yu Rou thought to him.
“You what?!” Xiao Hua exclaimed.
“Well… Though there usually are not several abilities you can use using a lover, We have managed to choose a expertise which might be beneficial.”
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“I don’t figure out what to know you, young woman. Martial Approaches similar to this Wind flow Blade are extremely exceptional and impressive in most cases truly worth this significantly, and it’s a technique through the 2nd flooring. The truth is, our Myriad of Techniques is quite reasonably priced and cheap in comparison to the most shops around with our rates. Should you visited another store, they would probably charge about 300,000 gold coins to do this process. Though, if you need something more cost-effective, there are many approaches that cost less than one thousand golden coins over the initial surface by incorporating charging even less than 100 golden coins.”

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