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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1874 – No Sincerity heal capricious
There have been only some famous nevertheless successful skincare and beauty products domestically, so Kouzi easily became the winner.
There have been just one or two well-known nevertheless successful skincare and makeup products domestically, so Kouzi easily became the champion.
“What? You have been robbed?” Shen Yanfeng was angry. If their things were stolen absent, it meant their package was uncovered.
“I didn’t imply that.” Shen Yanfeng was stunned and explained at the same time. “Liu just sent us a communication as he arrived at 10:48 pm.”
Zhilin Technological agreed upon to work alongside them without hesitation. In the end, they had cracked legislation initial. As long as they didn’t agree, Gu Ning could sue them. In that case, they would have to spend a lot of cash, in contrast to they might make lots of money by cooperating with Gu Ning.
Due to sudden difficulties, Shen Yanfeng couldn’t sleeping whatsoever. When his phone rang, he got up and acquired the call as he noticed the mystery caller was Liu.
Zhilin Computer agreed upon to cooperate with them without reluctance. After all, they had shattered the law primary. When they didn’t consent, Gu Ning could sue them. If so, they will have to pay a ton of money, while they might make lots of money by cooperating with Gu Ning.
Kouzi was the most popular ones, and was graded 10th for the world-wide market and 1st on the home-based market. There is additionally a large space between it and also the manufacturer scored 2nd.
“I didn’t mean that.” Shen Yanfeng was shocked and revealed right away. “Liu just directed us a content as he came to 10:48 pm.”
However, no person addressed his telephone calls.
Shen Yanfeng was mad, but he didn’t really know what exactly experienced took place. Was the effort brought on by Liu or did a thing go wrong?
Nevertheless, there was only a space of some a few minutes, it turned out simple for another thing to take place.
Simply because they weren’t idiots, there seemed to be no reason at all for them to reject the deliver.
“My men and women reached there at 10:57 pm. Just a couple moments later on. Why didn’t they see anyone? Give them a call and let me know what actually transpired,” claimed Yuan Wenrui.
Kouzi was the most popular of those, and was placed 10th over the world-wide marketplace and 1st about the home-based current market. There was clearly another huge space between it as well as the product graded second.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1874: No Truthfulness
Liu along with the other adult men didn’t wake up till midnight and that he immediately identified as Shen Yanfeng again.
Kouzi was the most popular of them, and was positioned 10th around the worldwide marketplace and 1st about the household market place. There is an additional big space between it and also the product graded second.
“Let’s remain calm!” The guy known as Bao seemed to be displeased, but reported practically nothing about that. He believed the client might have been late by some thing. Nonetheless, whenever it was 11 pm, no person emerged.
However, no person answered his requests.
However, there was only one drive way bringing about this deserted stockroom, they might also make it to the major street by one other tiny roads.
Though it can be an error or accident, he was displeased that Shen Yanfeng’s men didn’t show up with the selected time.
It wasn’t 11 pm nevertheless, however it was just a couple a matter of minutes absent, so that they looked displeased that no-one was show.
The individual on the other end from the cell phone have also been annoyed.
K also claimed the most up-to-date advancement of the business to Gu Ning. The firm produced smoothly and they were definitely developing Jade Beauty Jewellery, Kouzi, Colaine, and Gufan.
“Bao, they offer no truthfulness! They didn’t arrive earlier,” claimed a guy in aggravation.
The robbers were a man and a couple of ladies. Them all ended up proficient at battling. However, he didn’t know who these people were.
Later, they remaining.
“Lord Yuan, have you ever got the things?” Shen Yanfeng answered Yuan Wenrui’s contact and considered that the products and solutions have been already provided.
Afterwards, they remaining.
Afterward, Liu informed Shen Yanfeng what had happened, scaring Shen Yanfeng.
However it could be a miscalculation or automobile accident, he was displeased that Shen Yanfeng’s guys didn’t display on the appointed time.
It wasn’t 11 pm however, nevertheless it was just one or two a few minutes gone, so they checked displeased that none of us was offer.
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“Shen Yanfeng, are you d.a.m.n fooling me? My people today visited put it off there for a long period, however individuals were still absent soon after 11 pm.” Yuan Wenrui swore at Shen Yanfeng.
After, they left.
“What? People were absent? How is it possible?” Shen Yanfeng was amazed, refusing to believe it, mainly because Liu had forwarded him a note when they appeared.
Because the sales of them all have been rapidly escalating, they can open even more branches now.

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